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The CDC currently estimates 1 in 68 children are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

    • In the last decade, this is a 78% increase, with an increase of 23% in the past two years alone.
    • The true reason for the increased rate is unknown. Some believe it is better diagnosis others that environmental factors are more prevalent.
    • The rate of autism among boys in currently 1 in 42 while girl are diagnosed as 1 in 189 making boys 5 times more likely to have autism.
    • African American and Hispanic children had the largest increases in diagnosis with 91% and 110& respectively.
    • Early identification is becoming more common, but the average age of diagnosis is still hovering around age 4.
    • Autism has become one of the most common childhood disorders over the past two decades, yet has the least amount of funding dedicated to it.

      • Leukemia: Affects 1 in 1,200 / Funding: $277 million
      • Muscular Dystrophy: Affects 1 in 100,000 / Funding: $162 million
      • Pediatric AIDS: Affects 1 in 300 / Funding: $394 million
      • Juvenile Diabetes: Affects 1 in 500 / Funding: $156 million
      • Autism: Affects 1 in 88 / Funding: $79 million
    •  According to a recent study by Autism Speaks, the cost of raising a child with autism throughout their life is estimated at $1.4 million. That number rises to $2.3 million when the child’s IQ is below 70.