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Our Mission

How many ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) parents said, “Something isn’t right” during the first 2 years of their child’s life, yet nobody listened? A mother’s instinct at times is more innately profound and on target than any PHD or MD. We have learned that first hand.

This foundation was formed to uniquely educate parents to find the most expeditious path to EARLY DIAGNOSIS, EARLY INTERVENTION and a ROAD TO RECOVERY for their child whether newly diagnosed, considering getting examined or just in that place where, “something isn’t right” with their child.

Further, we exist to be the “cheat sheet” for parents, and lovingly refer to ourselves as the “Autism ISN’T For Dummies” manual. Those of us who’ve been down this complicated road can attest – early intervention, whether through conventional therapy and special education to the more progressive diet and neurofeedback all can have its place in your child’s possible recovery. At the very least, our goal is to help you find a regime that provides you and your child the best quality of life.

We firmly believe, with no one cause ~ there is no one cure. Since Autism symptoms widely vary, there is no one size fits all remedy to living an Autism-free life. Having said that, this foundation is here to provide information for families to explore and achieve the best results for its family structure and level of your child’s condition on the spectrum. What works for one family may not work for another. Our mission and message is three fold: (1) to help get your child properly diagnosed; (2) help you cope, reconcile and mourn the loss of the child you thought you had with the one you embrace now; (3) help you navigate post-diagnosis, with no fear, as time is of the essence every day, hour and minute of your child’s life to reach his/her full potential. And what an optimistic potential it will be.

(Click Here for our “Autism ISNT For Dummies” cheat sheet and manual).