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What to Do First

We’re here to help you make sense of the overwhelming amount of information you’ll find on your journey with Autism. Below you’ll find our strategies for your first steps.

  1. Find a DEVELOPMENTAL Pediatrician (Ask millions of questions. If they don’t satisfy your needs or can’t answer questions, MOVE ON to another more Autism engaged pediatrician).
  2. Contact your local Regional Center (or State Division) for services
  3. Contact your school to hold an IEP for services in school
  4. Consider changing DIET Immediately & adding Supplements to Feed The Brain (Click here for tips to get started on dietary intervention and here for more on the autism and diet connection)
  5. Find a Neurologist to screen for Seizures as early as possible vs waiting for the event to happen
  6. Visit our “Where to Start” page for more next steps.
  7. Download Autism Speaks “First One Hundred Day Kit